Like in the previous examples, the easiest way to is using Gapminder offline app. Open any chart with Gapminder data, make chart with your own data or make a chart with combined data sources.

After you’re done, press the menu button Ξ, then choose “export to web”. Give a name to the file you save. Find that file, unpack. Run index.html in web browser. If you don’t run this page on a web server it won’t be able to read the local files. How to do that is a bit technical, but below are some of the ways listed.

Running a website on a web-server

There are several ways to run/view the website on your local machine. Click the titles for further explanation of the method.

Run in chrome with command line flags
😺 No local webserver needed
😺 No internet needed
😿 A bit awkward to set up

Using Node.js web server
😺 easy to run after install
😺 straight forward installation
😺 no internet needed after you set it up
😿 Installation of software on laptop needed

Run with Brackets editor: install, open your folder in editor, press ⚡️
😺 Easy to install
😺 No internet needed after you set it up
😺 No need to mess with command line
😿 Installation of software on laptop needed

Run from online website
😺 Easy to run from any computer
😺 No installation of software needed
😿 Need good internet connection.
😿 Files online might be outdated, can’t edit them locally to change content
😿 Always a bit longer loading times because assets aren’t saved locally