Interactive charts and visualization tools animated through time

You can freely embed Vizabi to your page, add your own data, or extend it to create new visualizations and modify existing ones.

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Easy to embed

With a small JavaScript code snippet, you can embed one of our tools to your web page. It's simple and quick. It also supports a powerful API to customize various options.



Don't worry about size: every Vizabi tool is responsive. The charts adapt to the container's width and height, adjusting their options and styles accordingly in order to bring a better experience to each device.


Use your cursor. Or your fingers.

One of the main goals of Vizabi is to support native UI controls and natural interaction for data exploration. That is why we put a lot of effort into making the tools work on phones, tablets, as well as the good old desktop computers.



Vizabi aims on reaching people all over the globe, providing tools available in multiple languages. It supports replacement of language strings and switching languages during run-time. You can even help us translate content to your own language.


Data Schema

In order to support multiple data sources or even allow users to embed their own data, we provide readers that are able to request, fetch and parse data in a unified data schema.